Cam Diva’s Wishlist

  • May 6th, 2013
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A rather simple concept, really. Many know me as CamDiva. Those that session or communicate with me regularly address me simply as “Diva”, a title that defines my abilities both natural and learned.

For as long as I can remember I have been able to turn situations with males into exactly what I desire. Some required manipulation, a few intense domination, and others I needed to do nothing more than ask or softly command.

My experience both in front of and behind a Video Camera are long documented. I truly enjoy expressing myself, and sharing my sexual explorations with others.

My growing experience with Pro Audio has avalanched into something magnificent. There is very little I cannot accomplish with my personal studio, and I have many very large projects in the works behind my closed laboratory doors.

Wrapping you tightly around my little finger will be of little challenge. An afterthought, really.

You will be seduced by my soothing nature and sensual gravity. Coaxed into relaxation. Twisted and transformed. Erotic trance d into becoming my blissfully obedient slave.

Cam Diva’s Wishlist

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